Lab Group

Principal Investigator

Prof. Zhiqiang Cao
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering,
University of Washington



Ershuai Zhang
Ph.D, Biochemical Engineering
Tianjin University


Hui Zhu
Ph.D, Material Science and Engineering
Wayne State University


Graduate Students

Yuanjie Shi
B.S., Biology
Beijing Institute of Technology


Boyi Song
MPhil, Chemistry
University of St Andrews


Gabriela Moragas
M.S. Chemical Engineering
Wayne State University


Previous Members

Xiangfei Han
Ph.D, Material Science and Engineering

Zhipeng Zeng
Ph.D, Chemistry and Physics of Polymers, Sun Yat-sen University

Chengbiao Yang
Ph.D.,Biochemical and molecular biology, Nankai University

Hong Du
Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry and Physics,Zhejiang University

Jianhai Yang
Lecturer., Material science,Xi’an Jiaotong University

Yang Lu
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering

Wei Wang
Ph.D., Material Science and Engineering

Hanyu Jia
Ph.D, Polymer science, Renmin University

Ke Wang
Associate Professor, Xi’an Jiaotong University Ph.D, Pharmacy Sichuan University

Sebin Choi
Troy High School

Wesly Chiu
Troy High School

Shrikant Chand
Sophomore at Detroit Country Day School

Asia Hightower
Senior in Wayne State University

Zhigang Wang
M.D.,Ph.D, Medical Immunology

Zhanguo Yue
Ph.D., Biochemical Engineering

Boshen Zhang
M.S., Chemical Engineering

Junjie Jin
M.S., Chemical Engineering

Jimmy Amin
M.S., Biomedical Engineering

Andrew Michael Cooke
M.S., Material Science and Engineering
(Now at Hayashi Telempu North America)

Alan Thomas
High School Researcher (from Warren Mott High School)

Amber Jackson
LSAMP Research Scholar

Carmin Bridges
LSAMP Research Scholar

David Liu
Undergraduate Student, Summer intern
(Michigan State University, Material Science and Engineering)

Chimene Fabian
LSAMP Research Scholar

Carlos Olivas
LSAMP Research Scholar

Matthew Farquhar
Undergraduate Student, Chemical Engineering